The WBRS 107.9 mandate

With millions of people of all ages, colors, sizes and religions across this vast world of ours, only a certain percentage have the opportunity to listen to any form of music on any sort of platform.  There are countries with no web service and certainly no radio as we know it so they are denied the pleasures and memories that any form of music could bring to their life. There are thousands of internet stations springing up in this modern age of technology, and many specialize in a specific form of music. Those who like and appreciate a particular form of music will eventually find that outlet and make note of it for their listening pleasure. On the other hand, there are a certain group of people who are diversified in their musical tastes but rarely get to hear that diversified set of tunes all in one place. The purpose of WBRS 107.9 is to attract that particular listener who does not want to listen to one form of music all the time, but occasionally would like to listen and maybe learn and appreciate something different. WBRS 107.9 hopes to accommodate those people who would like to hear multiple genres of music within one stream for as long or as short as they like. Music in any form can be educational if one has an open mind and listens to a tune that many people have worked to write, produce, distribute and not necessarily make a successful career out of it. However, I am sure we all remember certain songs that bring back a memory of where we were, who we were with and possibly mark a memorable event in one's life. Listen to WBRS 107.9 for a while and see if your particular memory song comes on. If it does and it makes you smile..we have done our part.